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In 1988 The Winthrop Community Food Pantry had its humble beginnings as a parish ministry of St. John's Episcopal Church. Responding to the growing needs in Winthrop, the Rev. Mary Lucas and Janet Daloia commandeered a closet in the parish hall and solicited donations from fellow parishioners. Under the leadership of Beverly Phipps the pantry's operations expanded greatly. 


Today, the Pantry not only serves more people, it also incorporates a diverse group of volunteers from several faith and civic communities within Winthrop.


The Pantry is now accepting donation requests by phone and making deliveries on Saturdays. To inquire or make an appointment, call us at 617 846 6884 or fill out the form in the CONTACT section of our site.


The Winthrop Community Food Pantry is a supplemental food source for Winthrop residents who meet the qualifications of the united States Department of Agriculture. These qualifications are based on gross income and size of family. Individuals/families may also be eligible if they are a participant in one of the following means-tested programs: Food Stamps/SNAP, AFDC, WIC, Welfare, Medicaid, Supplemental Security Income, Head Start, Fuel Assistance and/or Veteran's Aid. Clients should be residents of Winthrop and may be asked to show evidence of such. Clients will likewise be asked some personal questions as to income eligibility, birth date and such as outlined by the USDA. Unfortunately, the Winthrop Community Food Pantry is NOT an emergency site, meaning that it cannot distribute food other than at the aforementioned scheduled times. Nor can the Pantry customize clients' food to meet specific dietary needs such as diabetes or low cholesterol. However, the Pantry will try to do its best with the items we have. Within reason, the distributed food is balanced to provide the average person with 2-3 days of nutrition. 




The Winthrop Community Food Pantry gladly accepts donations of unexpired shelf stable items such as canned goods (corn, carrots, peas, beef stew, soup, etc.) and boxed goods (cereal, mac & cheese, pasta, etc.). ThePantry cannot distribute expired items. Such donations can be left at the parish hall at 222 Bowdoin Street, Winthrop, MA 02152. If the parish hall is closed, please leave donations on the rectory porch (brown house next to church) at 231 Bowdoin Street.

The Pantry is equally grateful for monetary donations. Often the pantry must purchase basic items from local stores when the Boston Food Bank cannot meet local needs, and monetary donations ensure the Pantry's ability to cover Winthrop's needs. Monetary donations can be made out to "The Winthrop Community Food Pantry" and mailed to 222 Bowdoin Street, Winthrop, MA, or left at this address. If you need written confirmation of your donation for tax purposes, please let the Pantry know.



The Pantry has multiple needs and therefore has diverse opportunities for service, such as:

  1. Shoppers- Shoppers collect and deliver supplies from the Boston Food Bank on Wednesday mornings. Some Shoppers also purchase needed supplies. Such purchases are reimbursed.

  2. Stackers- The food supplies need to be frequently shifted and "stacked" in appropriate locations within the pantry itself for the Packers. Stacking can be done at any time normally between Wednesday and Saturday of the week prior to a Wednesday distribution. 

  3. Packers- These volunteers pack the bags from the stacked shelves according to specific guidelines. For example, a family of one would have different quantities than a family of five in their respective bags. The Packers' schedule 

  4. Distributors- The Distributors finish the packing of client bags with refrigerated items and "distribute" them to the appropriate clients. 


Dona O'Donnell, Executive Director: 617-846-6884

Fr Walter Connelly, Parish Rector: 617-846-2363


To make an appointment at the Pantry, call 617-846-6884 or fill out the contact form below.

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